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Brief in English

Welcome to Axis Projects company!

Axis Projects company was founded in 2000 as a software experts company. Starting as a pure distributor of networking software, primarily web and email content filtering solution by SurfControl, company quickly drifted to high added value distribution and services, requiring high level of expertise.

Slightly more than a year after initial start on the market the company opens an expected line of corporate development that is software engineering. Less than a year after that the company presents first off-the-shelf software product.

Year 2003 was the one of moving to global market. Basing on positive customers feedback and financial metrics the company opens a subsidiary in United Kingdom which is now responsible for all international sales and promotion.

At this point of time Axis Projects is a Moscow-based dynamically developing company which major expertise lies in software engineering and distribution. During four years on the market Axis Projects gained a reputation of reliable products/services provider on one hand and of trusty partner for international partners on another.
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RuFilter Update Service

Ежедневное пополнение базы данных российскими URL и классификация именно тех ресурсов, которые посещают Ваши пользователи. Бесплатный сервис для SurfControl Web Filter.
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